About Us

ARIOSTEA MHS, based in Reggio Emilia (Italy), is a worldwide leader in bulk material handling systems, for the Plastic and Chemical industries.

In every plants we build we put our know-how, our inventiveness and our passion, developed in more than 60 years of experience and thanks to over 1.000 plants delivered all over the world.

From the USA to Japan, from Russia to South America ARIOSTEA MHS can develop and deliver the right solution for your production needs.

Engineering, design, fabrication, delivery, installation, commissioning, and at the end, production startup, are done at the highest and most ef cient level, thanks to our highly skilled employees, to guaranty the highest success for our customers.

In ARIOSTEA MHS it doesn’t matter what you have to handle or what you make: exibility is our key word. From a grain storage system in the middle of the desert, to a PET recycling plant in harsh and cold environment, you can count on ARIOSTEA MHS because we have already done it.

ARIOSTEA MHS srl is the best commercial partner both for global corporation and small and medium-sized enterprise. We assure you the technological progress of your company: from design to manufacturing to after sales service only one partner, because our goal is to establish a long-lasting, successful partnerships with our customers.