Automatic Bag Emptying Machine – ABEM

ABEM is an automatic bag emptying machine for the emptying of bags weighing between 25-50 Kg. containing powders or granules, predisposed for connecting to a screw press, for the recovery of empty bags.

The bag emptying machine is usually interlocked with a conveyor belt. As the bag enters the loading mouth, it is cut in half lenghtways by two circular blades.
When the bag falls into the drum, it is rotated and begins to empty its contents.
The drum consists of a net with two sections with differing dia- meters. When the cut bag arrives in the first section, it empties most of its contents on contact with the obstacles in the net. The bag is cleaned in the second section and is conveyed to the outlet. The rotating drum is controlled by a varioratiomotor which determines the correct rotation speed.
Upon request, we are able to supply the filter for automatic clean- ing of the suction hoses with compressed air, the conveyor belt, the product transfer screw and the balancer manipulator for the manu- al loading of bags on the conveyor belt, or else a completely automatic system for loading the bags.
In order to meet specific requirements, the bag emptying machine can be built with the parts which come into contact with the product, in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 and/or in according ATEX.

Technical features

Bag material: paper, paper with polythene, polythene, woven plastic.
Width: Max. 600 mm
Lenght: Any
Height: Max. 280 mm
Weight of the machine: kg 1200
Sizes of bales: 350 x 350 x 1000 mm
Weight of balling machine: kg 300
Capacity of the machine: up to 600 bags/hour.

Installed Power

Drum control: kW 1,1
Blades control: kW 3
Baling machine motor: kW 3